The story behind LiteAF

Embark on LiteAF’s Ultralight Journey: Crafting Comfort for the Trail

In the modest beginnings of LiteAF, founder Chris Millard unfolded his vision on the kitchen counter, armed with a Singer 8280 Prélude sewing machine. The year 2018 marked the official establishment of LiteAF, evolving into a unique “micro” cottage company with a lighthearted origin story distinct from typical small businesses.

The Quest for Ultralight Excellence (2017-2018):

In 2017, fueled by a passion for ultralight hiking, Chris set forth on a mission – to create customized gear for his upcoming 2018 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Dissatisfied with the market offerings, he embarked on a self-taught journey, honing amateur seamster skills through YouTube tutorials. From crafting stuff sacks to bear bag kits and zipper pouches, Chris found himself with a surplus of gear, igniting the birth of LiteAF.

Spontaneous Growth on Etsy (2018):

In a whimsical turn of events, Chris unloaded his excess home-sewn gear on Etsy, playfully christened as LiteAF – a punny name capturing the essence of lightweight adventure. The response was overwhelming, and LiteAF’s trajectory took an unexpected upward turn, showcasing the demand for its unique offerings.

From Garage Corner to Official Shop (2018-2019):

LiteAF’s evolution continued as it expanded into a corner of the garage, accompanied by its first Juki industrial sewing machine. The need for space became evident, leading to a pivotal move in April 2019 into the current official shop and warehouse.

LiteAF’s Vision Unveiled: Crafting Ultralight Joy (Present):

LiteAF envisions providing ultralight gear that enhances outdoor experiences without compromising functionality. The motto “Why Hike Heavy?” encapsulates LiteAF’s commitment to creating gear that facilitates enjoyable hikes, free from the burden of unnecessarily hefty loads. Organized functionality without sacrificing ease became the guiding principle – lighter sacks, lighter bags, lighter pouches – a resounding call for simplicity.

Modern Materials, Timeless Minimalism (Present):

LiteAF achieves its mission by utilizing the most modern materials available, ensuring that every product bears the hallmark of ultralight excellence. From LiteAF to the outdoor enthusiast, minimalism and functionality seamlessly woven together define the lighter side of life.

From LiteAF to you, minimalism and functionality sewn together for the lighter side of life.