Material Composition:

  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers (non-branded Dyneema® or Spectra®)
  • Created through a gel-spun extrusion process for exceptional strength

Key Features:

  • Tensile strength 15x stronger than steel
  • High modulus and strength due to molecular alignment
  • Part of the Challenge ULTRA™ line of fabrics


  • Optimal blend of UHMWPE & high-tenacity polyester
  • Tight weave laminated with eco-friendly Challenge RUV™ film
  • Waterproof to 200 psi
  • Weights: 3.9 oz/yd², 133 gsm
  • Available in black and gravel grey


  • Waterproof and highly water-resistant fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant for superior durability
  • Cut & tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use
  • Seam-sealed for enhanced waterproofing
  • Recommended for thru-hikes and water-resistant pack construction

Ultra200X – Popular Style:

  • Weighs just 3.9 oz/yd², surpassing technical properties of similar fabrics
  • Ideal for ultralight pack construction


  • Perfect for the most demanding thru-hikes


  • 45° Black Ultra CrossPly and 0.75 mil film backing are new additions to enhance performance.
  • We recommend using a pack liner with ALL packs.

ECOPAK™ Fabric (EPLX200) Sustainable Performance

Material Composition:

  • 100% recycled polyester fiber and film
  • Upcycled from approximately 20 plastic water bottles per yard

Key Features:

  • Durable and waterproof fabric
  • Lasts longer, absorbs 80% less moisture
  • Superior UV resistance and color retention
  • C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons) for eco-friendliness
  • Proprietary RUV matte film: more abrasion-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and 97% UV resistant


  • C0 DWR coating
  • 200d face
  • 45° Blue CrossPly
  • 0.5 mil RUV™ matte film
  • Weights: 4.8 oz/yd², 162 gsm


  • Waterproof and seam-sealed for reliable protection
  • Great durability for long-lasting use
  • Highly recommended for thru-hikes
  • Available in 50+ colors, catering to diverse preferences
  • Despite being the heaviest, adds only about 1 oz. to the overall weight of a pack
  • Highly water-resistant pack construction


  • Upcycling approximately 20 plastic water bottles per yard
  • C0 DWR ensures an environmentally friendly solution


  • Ultralight backpack for thru hiking
  • We recommend using a pack liner with ALL packs.

UltraGrid™ – Elevating Sustainability and Performance

Material Composition:

  • 100% recycled nylon from pre-consumer industrial waste
  • Double 200d Ultra™ grid for exceptional tear-strength and visual impact
  • C0 DWR coating, free from toxic PFCs
  • Waterproof 1500mm PU backing

Sustainability Features:

  • Bluesign® Approved facility
  • Recycled nylon yarn from pre-consumer industrial waste
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to virgin nylon production

Ultra™ Performance:

  • Ultra™ Fiber, also known as UHMWPE, Spectra™, or Dyneema™
  • Double Ultra™ grid reduces weight and doubles tear strength
  • Gram-for-gram, Ultra™ has a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel


  • Recycled 210d nylon x 5mm double 200d Ultra™ grid
  • C0 DWR coating
  • 1500mm PU waterproof backing
  • Weight: 4.3 oz/yd², 146 gsm


  • LiteAF preferred side pockets material
  • Tear-resistant and durable
  • More flexible than EPLX or Ultra

Environmental Responsibility:

  • C0 DWR without fluorocarbons for eco-friendliness
  • Bluesign® Approved facility ensures responsible manufacturing

Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh ECO

Overview: Standard mesh fabrics rip, tear, and let you down. This is where UL Venom™ Stretch Mesh sets itself apart. Mixed with 100% recycled nylon and a UHMWPE ripstop, this ultralight mesh is more durable than what you’re used to.


  • 100% recycled nylon
  • UHMWPE ripstop for added durability
  • Ultralight construction at 5.1 oz per square yard
  • 4-way technical stretch
  • DWR coating


  • 4-Way Technical Stretch: Offers flexibility in all directions for comfort.
  • DWR Coating: Additional protection with a durable water repellent coating.
  • Ultralight Construction: Weighs just 5.1 oz per square yard for optimal agility.
  • Highly Durable: UHMWPE ripstop ensures superior strength and longevity.

Ideal for:

  • Ultralight enthusiasts seeking durability and sustainability.
  • Those demanding top-tier performance from their gear.
  • Adventurers looking to upgrade their mesh fabric for added reliability.

Sustainability Meets Performance: UL Venom™ Stretch Mesh ECO combines eco-friendliness with top-tier performance. The integration of recycled nylon ensures a lighter environmental footprint, while UHMWPE ripstop elevates the mesh’s strength to withstand challenges.

Upgrade Your Gear: Make the switch to UL Venom™ Stretch Mesh ECO and experience a new standard in mesh fabrics. Elevate your gear with a mesh that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them.

Explore the Possibilities: Discover how UL Venom™ Stretch Mesh ECO can enhance your gear.

UltraTNT™ PSA Tape


  • 2X layers of 0.25 mil polyester film
  • Light grey Ultra™ yarn inserted in the warp and bias
  • Backing is a pressure-sensitive, high tack, non-yellowing adhesive


  • Dual-layer Polyester Film: Enhances durability and strength.
  • Ultra™ Yarn Inserted: Reinforces the tape for added robustness.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: High tack for strong and reliable adhesion.
  • Non-Yellowing: Maintains visual appeal over time.

Ideal for:

  • Gear repair in the field or at home.
  • Securing seams and patches in outdoor equipment.
  • Quick and effective solutions for tears and rips.
  • Crafting and DIY projects that require a strong adhesive tape.

Versatile and Reliable: UltraTNT™ PSA Tape is designed for versatile applications. Whether you’re in need of a reliable repair solution for outdoor gear or looking for a strong adhesive for your DIY projects, this tape delivers.

Durable and Long-Lasting: The dual-layer construction and Ultra™ yarn reinforcement ensure that UltraTNT™ PSA Tape stands up to the rigors of outdoor use. Its non-yellowing adhesive maintains its visual appeal, making it a reliable choice for long-term applications.

Get Your Gear Back in Action: Don’t let gear damage slow you down. With UltraTNT™ PSA Tape, you have a powerful tool to quickly and effectively repair your equipment, keeping you ready for your next adventure.

Explore the Possibilities: Discover the versatility and reliability of UltraTNT™ PSA Tape.

Lycra Mesh

Key Features:

  • 4-Way Stretch: Offers flexibility in all directions, providing optimal comfort.
  • VERY Stretchy: Ensures excellent elasticity for accommodating various items.
  • Less Durable: Designed for applications where extreme durability is not the primary concern.
  • Perfect for Shoulder Strap Pockets: Ideal for creating pockets with stretch for easy access.
  • Weight: 3.0 oz/yd²: Lightweight construction for minimal impact on overall gear weight.


  • Optimal Stretch: Lycra Mesh excels in providing a high degree of stretch, making it perfect for dynamic applications like shoulder strap pockets.
  • Flexibility: The 4-way stretch allows the fabric to stretch both horizontally and vertically, adapting to the contents of the pocket.
  • Accessory-Friendly: Suited for creating pockets that can easily accommodate various items, offering convenience on the go.

Recommended Use:

  • Shoulder Strap Pockets: Craft functional and stretchy pockets on your gear’s shoulder straps for quick and easy access to essentials.
  • Accessory Pouches: Ideal for applications where lightweight and stretchy mesh is preferable.

Versatile and Lightweight: Lycra Mesh’s 4-way stretch and lightweight nature make it a versatile choice for specific applications where stretchiness is prioritized over durability.