Experience the pinnacle of comfort and functionality with LiteAF’s Full Suspension Custom Ultralight Backpacks. Each pack is a masterpiece of design, offering superior load distribution and stability on the trail. Tailor your backpack to perfection, ensuring a personalized fit for your body and gear. Explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing you have a custom-built pack that’s as unique as your journey.

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  • Can I fit a bear canister inside a Curve full suspension backpack?

    Yes, a bear canister will fit inside and also on top using the provided top Y-strap.

  • What is the maximum weight I can carry in this Curve full suspension backpack?

    Recommending staying below 35 pounds total. Keep in mind that 35 pounds will carry differently from one person to the next. Plan according to your comfort level.

  • Is the full-padded hip belt removable?

    No. The hip belts on our full suspension backpacks are sewn in and cannot be removed or changed for a different size.

  • Torso and hip belt sizing.

    Refer to our torso and hip belt sizing page. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns about sizing.

  • Do custom backpacks have a lead time?

    All our custom-made products have a lead time. Custom backpacks currently have a 6-week lead time. This means once your order is placed, it will ship within that timeframe.

  • Can I make a change to my custom backpack order?

    No. We do not have a way to edit an existing order, so please CHECK YOUR CUSTOM ORDER COMPLETELY before submitting it.

  • Do you offer custom work on your backpacks?

    No. We no longer offer any kind of custom work on our backpacks.

  • What size shoulder straps do I need?

    Our standard shoulder straps fit a chest size less than 44”. Long shoulder straps fit a chest larger than 44”. If you have a small or extra-small torso, please select standard shoulder straps regardless of your chest size.

  • What size hip belt do I need?

    Using a measuring device, pull it around your back at the level of your iliac crest and connect it in front of you. This will be the hip belt size that you select from the drop down menu. Using this pack for a thru-hike? Please take weight loss into consideration when selecting your hip belt size.

    Waist size 28' to 32" small hip belt 

    Waist size 33" to 38" medium hip belt 

     Waist size 39" to 44" large hip belt

     Waist size 45" to 50" extra large hip belt

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