Multi-Day 35L Ultralight Backpack Review

LiteAF Multi-day 35L Pack


This pack is a winner. Same or even better quality than the custom 35L pack you made for me for the Peace Trail/CDT — which is my absolute favorite pack I’ve ever used, so that’s saying something. I think you have a winning formula that has very little fine-tuning to make it absolutely perfect (which again is subjective to my needs and desires)… “Out of the box” this pack functions exceedingly well and the modularity of it (whether intended or not) make it an obvious choice for any length of trail outing (from day to overnight to multi-month)

  • The weight is fantastic as always, not sure what your advertised weight is but this one came in under 15 oz (even after I added the 4 included elastic cinches!) that’s almost 4 oz lighter than my original pack (which obviously had more lycra mesh and beefier dyneema, but still!)
  • Intelligent cinch system for side pockets (water bottle holders) — more thoughts in the next sections.
  • Roomier back mesh — This lycra feels good and is a great depth/width.
  • Carries like an absolute dream. Big load outs don’t strain, and actually feels very comfortable, even without a frame. Haven’t tested it for mega big days or long duration but I’m pretty confident in it’s design, especially having used a pretty similar design for a couple thousand miles 🙂
  • Really like all of the loops spaced out throughout the pack, the four corners of the elastic lycra as well as middle bottom both sides, would be nice to know all of their intended usages or possible use cases (could be a diagram, video, or write out — would be happy to work on that with you)
  • Love love love love the Lycra shoulder strap pockets they’re perfect for phone snacks 750 ml water bottles. This is your bread and butter — no one does it better in my opinion and it’s so simple!
  • Attachment points for fanny pack is still on point, I like that they’re a bit more generously looped on the pack as opposed to the other aforementioned loops throughout the pack
  • What’s nice about the trekking pole chords on the sides is they can be rigged through the back to hold a sit pad or z light foam sleeping pad, perhaps this can be an instructional video be happy to help you make it 🙂 

Little example of re-jigging the cord to hold a sit pad

  • Really like the daisy chains on the shoulder pads, seems like three/four is enough
  • Overall I can’t find any real flaws with the pack’s craftsmanship, it’s really really awesome (no surprise) — sewing and stitching is really great, no flaws, straight lines: what you come to expect from LiteAF
  • Love the button clips on the roll top enclosure, I think this is a winning strategy, might even be worth putting one in the middle of the lycra mesh front pocket as an option for people to request although it’s not really necessary.
  • Absolutely love how plush the shoulder pads are, great material seems really durable, another winning strategy.
  • Internal shoulder strap attachment flap may prove a bit of an annoyance can possibly make a small stitch to attach to the body component so it doesn’t flare out. Very small peanuts though in the grand scheme of things. Might also be a good place for a small slit to let air out as you roll the pack (since it’s airtight as is) — just something to consider
  • Lack of seam sealing may prove problematic for internal stitching, the plastic bag that the pack comes with is perfect as an internal liner which is exactly how I’m using it and I’m guessing it’s intended second use 🙂 … If that’s the case perhaps a small hole with a grommet at the bottom can drain water that may seep through the seams. Haven’t tried it in a downpour so unsure how it holds up to water.
  • Love the elastic cordage especially on the water bottle pockets for cinching down, also love the triangular holes at the bottom of the pockets to drain out any water but perhaps there are a bit too big if you are picking up micro trash or putting in wrappers, they could fall through the triangular hole.
  • Love the footprint of the pack — very ergonomic/close to body and feels snug/comfy
  • Carrying capacity: this thing carries weight like a champ. Big water and food carries don’t hurt the shoulders or back and it’s truly comfortable!
  • Truly light af!
  • Beautiful design, aesthetic af.
  • Simple components have less fail points/possibilities, this also gives me confidence in it’s durability/longevity.
  • All the above “likes”