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LiteAF’s 40L Curve

Crowned ‘Best Custom Ultralight Pack’ for Trail Mastery! 🏆🎒

Unveil perfection on the trail with LiteAF’s 40L Curve Full Suspension, recognized as the ‘Best Custom Ultralight Pack’ on The Trek. Experience weightless adventures and shop the pinnacle of ultralight gear.

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Ultralight Bliss, Thru-Hike Essential: LiteAF Fanny Packs

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Experience ultralight convenience fused with urban flair. LiteAF’s Fanny Packs are your perfect companion, whether you’re hitting the trails or strolling around town. Lightweight, durable, and stylish – redefine your carry with our ultralight yet street-ready Fanny Packs.

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Discover premium hiking gear crafted with a commitment to environmental consciousness at LiteAF. Our mission is to provide high-end hiking equipment while minimizing our impact on the planet. Leading the industry with highly technical post-consumer recycled materials and state-of-the-art CNC equipment, LiteAF ensures each product embodies sustainability and innovation.

The LiteAF Journey:

Founded in 2018, LiteAF began as a passion project to create custom ultralight hiking gear for a 2018 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Dissatisfied with market offerings, our founder, Chris, embraced self-taught seamster skills, leading to an unexpected surge in demand. From a spontaneously created Etsy shop to an award-winning company, LiteAF’s line has expanded to offer a diverse range of ultralight gear. Join LiteAF in embracing minimalism and functionality, sewn together for the lighter side of life.