Our Mission

LiteAF strives to produce high-end hiking gear in a way that lessens its impact on this precious planet. To achieve this mission, LiteAF is leading the way with the use of highly technical post-consumer recycled materials and state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The materials used are manufactured using renewable energy and recycled components. LiteAF’s specialized equipment has dramatically reduced its overall waste. Recognizing that the textile used to make an ultralight backpack is the most important aspect of its construction, focusing on making that as environmentally friendly as possible was LiteAF’s first priority!

LiteAF ambassadors RITZ and T-REX once again hitting the norther terminus of the pct! Follow them on Instagram @mymountainiswaiting

Who We Are

Founded in 2018, LiteAF is a “micro” cottage company with less serious origins than most businesses. Back in 2017, the goal was simply to create its own ultralight hiking gear for a 2018 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Finding dissatisfaction with the ultralight gear offerings available on the market, Chris (founder and owner) taught himself (thank you, YouTube) to become an amateur seamster. From stuff sacks to bear bag kits to zipper pouches, LiteAF found itself with a surplus of gear. And while unloading the excess home-sewn gear in a spontaneously created Etsy shop (jokingly coined with the punny name LiteAF, humor is subjective right?), demand for Chris’ products was astounding, and the company’s growth became borderline overwhelming! Thus, over just a brief few years, the LiteAF line of merchandise expanded to offer many more items and multiple styles of backpack.

Why Hike Heavy?

Comfort, in the simplest ways, makes the break from society more enjoyable. Why torment oneself in pursuit of the pleasures of the natural world? Instead, let’s go with minimalist design and maximum function for a more comfortable experience.

LiteAF was created to provide ultralight gear that creates the most pleasing outings possible. LiteAF wanted to be able to enjoy hikes without the discomfort of heavy packs loaded with unnecessarily hefty gear. LiteAF can be organized without sacrificing the ease of functionality! Lighter sacks LiteAF said, lighter bags LiteAF thought, lighter pouches would be great too! Lighter, lighter, lighter, and yes lighter!

So that’s what LiteAF did. LiteAF made all its ultralight hiking gear lighter by using the most modern materials known to man… its hiking backpacks are made from the ultralight waterproof UltraWeave™ and ECOPAK™ materials from Challenge Sailcloth.

From LiteAF to its customers, minimalism and functionality sewn together for the lighter side of life.

LiteAF may be small, but its award-winning custom ultralight backpacks are substantial enough to surpass big brand competition. LiteAF designs its backpacks to not only be inherently ultra-functional but also to encompass any individual’s unique personal style.