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Round Bottom Pot Sacks – Dyneema®

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NEW Option for Mountain Line Sketch!

We designed the round bottom pot sack to hold your cooking system tight as you summit mountains. The top closes 75% locking your lid in place.

Pot Sack #1 (the original big pot sack) is the perfect size for a Toaks 750 ml, Snow Peak 700 ml, MLD 800, Bot 700.

Size. 5.25″ tall by 4″ round.

Weight. 0.1 Oz. or 3 Grams

Pot Sack #2 (the original small pot sack) is the perfect size for a Toaks 550 ml and 650 ml

Size. 4.25″ tall by 4″ round.

Weight. 0.1 Oz. or 2 Grams

Pot Sack #3 (NEW SIZE) is the perfect size for a JETBOIL Stash cooking system or  Evernew Ti Pasta Pot M

Size. 5.25″ tall by 4.625″ round.

Weight. 0.1 Oz. or 4 Grams

Pot Sack #4 (NEW SIZE) is the perfect size for a Toaks Light 700 ml

Size. 3.75″ tall by 5″ round.

Weight. 0.1 Oz. or 4 Grams


Constructed of  (CT2K.18) Dyneema® and a mini cord lock.



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7 reviews for Round Bottom Pot Sacks – Dyneema®

  1. cologsx (verified owner)

    Great little pot sack! I bought one last year for my Snow Peak Trek 700 kit and decided to order another for the kit I put together for my niece using a Snow Peak 600 cup. The #1 pot sack fits both SP items (snug on the 700 and a small amount of extra space around the 600 as it has a slightly smaller diameter). I’m using titanium lids from Four Dog Stoves and the pot sacks cinch down on the lids keeping them in place with contents secure inside the pot/cup.

  2. audilevy (verified owner)

    I bought the small sack for the toaks 550 that fits 100g canister, Soto Amicus stove, a lighter and a tin foil aluminum for a lid. Weight and fit is spot on. All comes down to a compact cook kit like that:

  3. Evan Byrne

    I have a large pot sack that fits my Toaks 750ml like a glove. I love it. I hope these get produced again.

  4. David Littig (verified owner)

    I just receive the little Pot Sack and fits the Toaks 650 ml I bought it for. Looks well made. I would also like to two of the Big Pot Sacks. Any idea when you will be offer these again?

  5. Jason Bump (verified owner)

    It is what you hope it is. A well made pot sack that weighs nearly nothing. 750ml Toaks pot fit perfectly in the large size.

  6. Jens Aarnaes (verified owner)

    I just received this bag and found it to be well made and incredibly light.

    The sack fits my TOAKS 550ml pot as if it was made for this pot. Into this I pack my homemade alohol stove, 2+oz fuel (good for four 2 cup boils), a pot stand, priming pan, Mini Bic lighter, homemade Ti windscreen, pot holder and a pot scrubber for a total weight of only 217 grams.

  7. Albert

    I got the big pot sack to fit my 750ml pot which contains within it 100g fuel canister, canister stand, Soto Amicus, mini Bic lighter, and small scrubbie. On top is a collapsible Sea to Summit X-Cup. I don’t need the sack to cinch all the way closed, I just need it closed enough to keep the cup and lid from separating. It works and is super light. No loose stitching or problems with seams. They used a lightweight cordlock to keep weight to a minimum. This pot sack simply works great!

    • Chris Millard

      Awesome! It’s helpful to see examples of exactly what can be stuffed into the big LiteAF pot sack. Thanks for the comment!

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