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Flat Bottom Bear Bag Kit (Complete Bear Bag Kit) – Dyneema®

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Purpose – Our Flat Bottom Bear Bag Kit has everything you need to keep your food out of harm’s way.

Features – a flat bottom, a strong ultralight clip, a loop to attach a carabiner for hanging the bag, and a single KAMsnap closure.


The Large Bear Bag is the perfect size for thru-hikers, and it holds approximately 5 -7 days of food for one person.

The Little Bear Bag is perfect for weekend trips or trips with less food carries, and it holds approximately 3-4 days of food for one person.


The Large Bear Bag

Dimensions:  14″ x 13″ x 8″ (Top rolled three times and clipped)

Dimensions: 17″ x 17″ x 4″ (Opened Flat)

Weight: 1.3oz/35g

Volume: 19L

Fabric: Dyneema®  CT5K.18  (Cuben Fiber)


The Little Bear Bag

Dimensions:  13″ x 9″ x 6″ (Top rolled three times and clipped)

Dimensions: Flat 17″ x 15″ x 4″  (Opened Flat)

Weight: 1.2oz/34g

Volume: 11.5L

Fabric: Dyneema®  CT5K.18  (Cuben Fiber)


Rock Sack

Fabric: Dyneema®  CT5K.18  (Cuben Fiber)

Weight: .1oz/3g


LiteAF Simple Stick

Weight: .1oz/2g


ZING-IT! Dyneema® Cord  COLOR of Zing-It! included MAY VARY due to availability… YELLOW, RED or BLUE as of 8/26!

Length: 50′

Weight: .9oz/24g



Weight: .2oz/6g


Total Weight: Large Bear Bag Kit 2.5oz/71.2g

Total Weight: Little Bear Bag Kit 2.4oz/68g


If you don’t need the COMPLETE Flat Bottom Bear Bag Kit, please check out the Roll Top Dry Bag section where the Bear Bags can be purchased as a standalone bag.

A great video on how to hang a bear bag and use our rock sack kit. Click here.


*Food bags and sacks are waterproof, however they are not intended to be submerged under water


8 reviews for Flat Bottom Bear Bag Kit (Complete Bear Bag Kit) – Dyneema®

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  1. ADRIAN BERAQUIT (verified owner)

    Used for the first time this past weekend. Bag can easily hold 4-5 days worth of food for 2 people. Very easy to use and even the carabiner felt very quality. And the reflective cordage on the stick was a nice added bonus to help easily spot. Super happy with my purchase.

  2. Adam Sunkle (verified owner)

    Amazing Product! It’s crazy lite, and beyond enough storage for most situations. Best Bear bag on the market!

  3. Jim Martinson (verified owner)

    My large bear bag kit arrived yesterday. It is very light replacing my old nylon bag and duct tape around a rock lol.

  4. Jon Sanford (verified owner)

    This bag has twice the capacity of my old food bag, and weighs less than half as much as my old kit. The flat bottom makes it easy to stand the bag up and the wide opening makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. I really like the snap to hold it closed while you roll the top down much better than velcro.

    I carry food for me and my 10 year old on trips. I went with the large bear bag at Chris’ recommendation, and it’s easy to roll down when I don’t need the extra capacity. Chris answered all my questions in less than 24 hours. You can’t ask for better customer service.

  5. Richard C Crawford

    Just got it and can’t wait to use it!!

  6. menkel m. (verified owner)

    Love this bag! Top notch gear!

  7. Lyell Galbraith (verified owner)

    The Large size holds about a weeks worth of food for a single person, and that’s with packing items that take large amounts of space (for the calories) such as ramen and freeze dried meals. If you were space conscious I’m sure you could fit 12-14 days worth of food. The flat bottom makes it easy to set this on the ground and search through without worrying about it toppling over. I would absolutely recommend this bag to anyone needing a hanging food bag.

    I was worried about how durable the carabiner would be, but I was able to hang 10 days/17 pounds of food + 3 pounds of my dogs kibble and it was completely fine. I was careful to not let the PCT stick slam into the carabiner as I let the bag drop.

    The only downside for me is my rock bag developed a tear on my third night using this kit, and has a few pinholes. I don’t know if it was from the rocks inside or scraping against a tree when throwing. I think the ripping may have been user error so I’m not subtracting a star for it.

  8. Mike Slomka (verified owner)

    This bag holds a LOT of food, and is super strong. However, a gave it 4 stars because the LiteAF carabiner that came with became broke AF the first time I used it on the trail. Luckily, I had another one that I forgot to remove from a dry sack I was carrying. But since I bought the bag for reasons other than that little biner, I would still HIGHLY recommend this bear bag. It carried all the food I needed for a one week trip, and then some. The flat bottom made it easy to sit the bag on the ground and rummage through it, or to use it as a wind break for my stove. I would definitely recommend this bag. Just remember to change out that carabiner before you go out.

    • LiteAF (store manager)

      I’m sorry to hear about the carabiner. The one you received was most likely defective and we would be happy to send you a replacement.

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