Why hike heavy?

Comfort, in the simplest ways, makes the break from society more enjoyable. Why torment ourselves in pursuit of the pleasures of the natural world? Instead, let’s go with minimalist design and maximum function for a more comfortable experience.

LiteAF was created to provide ultralight gear that creates the most pleasing outings possible. We wanted to be able to enjoy our hikes without the discomfort of heavy packs loaded with unnecessarily hefty gear. We can be organized without sacrificing the ease of functionally! Lighter sacks we said, lighter bags we thought, lighter pouches would be great too! Lighter, lighter, lighter, and yes lighter! 

So that’s what we did. We made all our ultralight hiking gear lighter by using the most modern materials known to man… our hiking backpacks are made of ultralight waterproof Dyneema® (Cuben Fiber). 

From LiteAF to you, minimalism and functionality sewn together for the lighter side of life.