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40L Curve – Full Suspension Custom Pack

CUSTOM PACK LEAD TIME IS 21 WEEKS. Updated: December 14, 2020
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40L Curve Full Suspension Custom Pack


  • 40L body plus an additional 15+ liters of external pockets totaling 55L of pack space
  • Designed to comfortably carry around 35 LBS
  • Two removable curved aluminum support stays (3+ Oz.)
  • Fully padded non-removable back panel constructed of 1/4″ close cell foam
  • Fully padded 4″ wide hip belt constructed of 1/4″ spacer mesh and 1/4″ close cell foam
  • 3.25″ wide S-shaped shoulder straps constructed of 1/4″ spacer mesh and 3/8″ close cell foam
  • Fits a bear canister inside
  • 5 point side compression with lineloc 3 adjusters
  • 4 trekking pole loops (includes 4 each of 12″ shock cords with mini cord locks)
  • Top buckle roll top closure with 2 KAMsnaps
  • Adjustable flat bottom side pockets with drain hole. Each pocket fits 2 1L smartwater bottles securely. Pockets adjust with shock cord and mini cord locks.
  • Dual adjust sternum strap
  • All internal seams sealed with Dyneema® seam tape
  • Long shoulder straps are for a chest size greater than 42″

*Load lifters NOT available. The height of the 40L Curve Full Suspension Pack does not allow for this customization.

Weights & Measurements

  • 25/32 Oz. | 708/907 Grams (weight will vary due to torso size and hip belt size)
  • Bottom circumference: 34″
  • Top circumference: 38″
  • Pack height when fully unrolled: 34″
  • Back of pack: 11.5″


  • Body CT5K.18/WOV.32C (2.92 Oz. Dyneema®)
  • Bottom and back of hip belt CT9K.18/WOV.6 (5.0 Oz. Dyneema®)
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt 210D Gridstop with Dyneema®
  • Front pocket: 4 way stretch Lycra mesh
  • Spandex/Nylon mesh
  • 1/4″ 3D Spacer mesh
  • 1/4″ close cell foam
  • 3/8″ close cell foam

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Hip belt pockets can be found here 

Fanny packs can be found here


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  1. Razor (verified owner)

    Received my New 40L Full Suspension Pack yesterday. Chris ships quickly…which was a problem, good problem, lol, but a problem. I was on the other coast of Florida when I checked tracking info and found out my new pack was sitting on my front porch. OMG…I packed up and drove across the state like a crazy person so it wasn’t sitting out there all night. Yep, made it, lol.
    The Pack is nothing short of amazing. Chris is both fastidious and meticulous with his sewing, the stitching is absolutely perfect. I called him prior to purchasing and went over a few sizing questions, took his advice and I have to say, of all the packs I own, the torso sizing based on his recommendations is exactly right for me, hip belt rides where I like it to. The best way to describe this pack would be a hybrid of an Arc Haul and a 2400 HMG. I took it out for a quick 5 miles on flat ground this morning (it’s Florida, the entire state is flat, lol), it rides great. It’s around 5” taller then my 2400 HMG, but it’s not as deep, it loads like my Arc Haul. You aren’t going to be jamming things along the sides of the interior like you do with an HMG. The additional height of this pack lets you pack cold weather layers and rain gear easily. You can really dial in your load with his pack. You can stack stuff sacks in a tight order and get the weight exactly where you want it, and it doesn’t move around. The shoulder straps sort of remind me of ULA’s S Curve, but these wrap around your chest and torso in a very unique and comfortable way, they are the best feature of the pack. One thing I loved about my Arc Haul was the twin hip belt straps, the 40L Full Suspension has them, being able to tighten the top and bottom of your hip belt independently is great, I love the weight on my hips and this pack carried 20 lbs great and the weight stayed right on my hips. With just a tech top on I still had 3” of adjustment remaining on both shoulder straps, I’ll have plenty of adjustment when I have to wear a heavier layer for colder temps. I had Chris build mine with the Pa’lante Style Bottom Pocket, I jammed a Meal 2 Go and a ziplock of skittles in it and even when I broke out in a run everything stayed put. If I had a complaint about this pack it would be the buckle on the sternum strap. I’m assuming it will loosen up a bit in time, but it’s a pain to adjust, lol. If you’re dropping a layer and want to tighten it, you’re going to be a couple of minutes feeding it through the buckle. The pack rides close to your body, on a run it stayed right with me without rolling around. Overall, the quality and construction of this pack is the best I have ever owned, time will tell how it holds up, thinking it’s going to take hard use and keep on going.

  2. Alexey Shmatkovskiy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this pack. I have done 84km two days trip with this pack with a lot of bushwalking and offroad. Packs seat very well, center of gravity for my opinion is similar to running vest packs that I have a lot. Hip belt is very comfortable and adjustable, thanks to double adjustment on it. I am not a big fun of hip belt pocket and option of removable pockets is a great thing. Shoulder strap is wide, well supported and S-curved design is amazing far better against straight straps. I feel that packs frame system make a great job to transfer load to the hipbelt, I have loaded pack with 12kg with fully comfort.
    Based on this experience I am considering to order 30 or 35 Curve Packs for my ultralight trips.

  3. Eliot Milbourn (verified owner)

    This company is special, and this pack is special too! Chris is the owner and you can actually pick up the phone and speak to him. He’s such a nice guy and even agreed to custom size my pack between small and medium torso lengths – now who else in this business would do that!?

    I’ve put 1000 miles on my Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 but this one rides better with more comfort. Straps and buckles are lighter compared to some but don’t feel fragile. I’ve tried the latest Pa’lante V2 but this one’s S-curved straps are in another league, and it doesn’t barrel and fall backwards under load. I flirted with a Superior Wilderness Designs DCF Long Haul 40 but the build quality on this has it beat hands down.

    It has many innovative features including: easy lash loops on the back for your 1/8” ccf pad; functionally sized shoulder strap pockets that can actually hold a water bottle; a game-changing all-day snack (and lunch) storing bottom pocket; ‘actually reachable’ side pockets; infinitely stretchable front pocket that covers the whole height of pack; ridged strap webbing that never slips; seam sealed DCF construction (which means it’s essentially if not actually waterproof); real suspension system with dual adjust hip belt; and… I could go on… oh, and it really is LiteAF! 🙂

  4. Steve M (The Coastie Hiker) (verified owner)

    This pack is incredible. Well worth the wait on the lead time too. By the way, if you need help along the way, email them!! They’re more than happy to make sure your pack is exactly what you need. Definitely a customer for life.

  5. Mike H (verified owner)

    Wow.. Just wow. The difference in comfort of this LiteAF pack versus all my other Zpacks is night and day. This pack is AMAZING! Chris and his team (I hope he has a team for all these orders) do such a great job with the construction of this pack. I cannot wait to start putting some miles on it and really enjoy it!

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Choosing the Right Pack:

Torso Sizing:

Hip Belt Size

Below you will find a list of sizing for our hip belts. The first measurement (the absolute minimum) is the total length of foam and clip. The second measurement is the maximum the straps will extend to. Using a measuring device, pull it around your back at the level of your iliac crest and connect it in front of you. This will be your hip belt size. Using this pack for a thru-hike? Please that weight loss into consideration when selecting your hip belt size.

Small Hip Belt - 25" of foam and a total of 32" of adjustability.

Medium Hip Belt - 28" of foam and a total of 38" of adjustability

Large Hip Belt - 33" of foam and a total of 44 " of adjustability

X Large Hip Belt - 40" of foam and a total of 50" of adjustability

Torso Size Info

All packs are built to your specific torso. To find your torso length you will need to find your C7 vertebrae and your iliac crest/hip shelf and measure the distance between them. Still need help finding your torso? Check out this video

Packs without a hip belt will measure from the bottom of the pack to where the shoulder straps are sewn in. This is the same for packs with a 1″ removable hip belt or fanny pack.

Packs with a padded hip belt will measure from the center of the hip belt to where the straps are sewn in. If you choose to have load lifters then your pack will measure from center of hip belt to the load lifters.