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40L Curve – Full Suspension

CUSTOM PACK LEAD TIME IS 10 WEEKS. Updated: October 11, 2019

40L Curve Full Suspension


  • 40L body plus an additional 10+ liters of external pockets totaling 50L of pack space
  • Designed to comfortably carry around 35 LBS
  • Two removable curved aluminium support stays (3+ Oz.)
  • Fully padded non-removable back panel constructed of 1/4″ close cell foam
  • Fully padded 4″ wide hip belt constructed of 1/4″ spacer mesh and 1/4″ close cell foam
  • 3.25″ wide S-shaped shoulder straps constructed of 1/4″ spacer mesh and 3/8″ close cell foam
  • Fits a bear canister inside
  • 5 point side compression with lineloc 3 adjusters
  • 4 trekking pole loops (includes 4 each of 12″ shock cords with mini cord locks)

Weights & Measurements

  • 25 /32 Oz. | 708/907 Grams (weight will vary due to torso size and hip belt size)
  • Bottom circumference 34″
  • Top circumference 38″
  • Pack height 34″ when fully unrolled
  • Back of pack is 11.5″


  • Body CT5K.18/WOV.32C (2.92 Oz Dyneema)
  • Bottom and back of hip belt CT9K.18/WOV.6 (5.0 Oz Dyneema)
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt 210D  Gridstop with Dyneema
  • Lycra mesh
  • Spandex/Nylon mesh
  • 1/4″ 3D Spacer mesh
  • 1/4″ close cell foam
  • 3/8″ close cell foam

Check out this great video from Frozen with Outdoor Adventures.  Click Here!

Hip belt pouches can be found here

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Pack sizing:

  1. Small torso packs measure 19" from the shoulder straps to the bottom of the pack and 18" to the center of the 1" loops for the hip belt.
  2. Medium torso packs measure 21.5" from the shoulder straps to the bottom of the pack and 20.5" to the center of the 1" loops for the hip belt.
  3. Large torso packs measure 23.5" from the shoulder straps to the bottom of the pack and 22.5" to the center of the 1" loops for the hip belt.

More info. on pack sizing can be found in our "choosing the right pack" section or by clicking this link -

These packs are designed for ultralight thru-hikers. The construction utilizes CT9HK.18/wov.6 Black (5.0 Oz. Dyneema®) in the areas that need it most. The new shoulder strap pockets are designed to hold a phone or snacks really well. The bottom pocket is made of a durable Spandex Nylon blend and is super duper stretchy plus it has a small opening for trash. Use the lower SBO V Loop to stow your shelter, sleeping pad or chair (chair on a thru-hike? Nah!). Adjustable side pockets make it easy to lock down your water bottles, fuel canister or cook system. The top Y strap was designed to keep your bag of chips safe while you put in the miles. You can also store your sleeping pad or bear canister up there… but who would do that? And we even decided to add trekking pole loops so you have a place to store them, keeping your hands free to upload your continuous Instagram stories.