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40L Curve – Custom Pack

CUSTOM PACK LEAD TIME IS 12 WEEKS. Updated: June 13, 2020

40L Curve


  • 40L body plus an additional 10+ liters of external pockets totaling 50L of pack space
  • Designed to comfortably carry around 20 LBS. With hip belt around 25 LBS.
  • 3.25″ wide S-shaped shoulder straps constructed of 1/4″ spacer mesh and 3/8″ close cell foam
  • Side compression with lineloc 3 adjusters
  • 4 trekking pole loops (includes 4 each of 12″ shock cords with mini cord locks)
  • Top buckle roll top closure with 2 KAMsnaps
  • Adjustable flat bottom side pockets with drain hole. Each pocket fits 2 1L smartwater bottles securely. Pockets adjust with shock cord and mini cord locks.
  • 2 1” loops for attaching a removable hip belt or fanny pack to. ONLY applies to packs without a padded hip belt.
  • Dual adjust sternum strap
  • All internal seams sealed with Dyneema® seam tape
  • Long shoulder straps are for a chest size greater than 42″


  • 15/26 Oz. | 426/738 Grams (weight will vary due to torso size and hip belt size)
  • Bottom circumference: 33”
  • Top circumference: 38”
  • Pack height when fully unrolled: 38”
  • Back of pack: 11.5


  • Body: CT5K.18/WOV.32C (2.92 Oz. Dyneema®)
  • Bottom: Black CT9K.18/WOV.6 (5.0 Oz. Dyneema®)
  • Shoulder straps: 210D Gridstop with Dyneema®
  • Front pocket: 4 way stretch Lycra mesh
  • Spandex/Nylon mesh
  • 1/4″ 3D Spacer mesh
  • 1/4″ close cell foam
  • 3/8″ close cell foam

Hip belt pockets can be found here 

Fanny packs can be found here

1″ removable hip belt can be found here

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Torso Sizing:

Torso Size Info

All packs are built to your specific torso. To find your torso length you will need to find your C7 vertebrae and your iliac crest/hip shelf and measure the distance between them. Still need help finding your torso? Check out this video

Packs without a hip belt will measure from the bottom of the pack to where the shoulder straps are sewn in. This is the same for packs with a 1″ removable hip belt or fanny pack.

Packs with a padded hip belt will measure from the center of the hip belt to where the straps are sewn in. If you choose to have load lifters then your pack will measure from center of hip belt to the load lifters.