Dyneema® Hammock Tarp

Dyneema® Hammock Tarp

We have (1) 11′ green without doors available $255. Please email info@liteaf.com if you are interested.

We hoe to do a second run of tarps this summer. We do not have an exact date…

We hope to do another run of tarps this summer.



  • Green CT1E.08 (0.51 Oz Dyneema®)
  • White CT1E.08 (0.51 Oz Dyneema®)
  • Bonded Ridgeline with 3/4″ Beastee D-Rings
  • Angled corner tie-outs with 3/4″ Beastee D-Rings
  • Door tie-out with 1/2″ Beastee D-Rings
  • All guyline reinforcements are bonded
  • Ridgeline length 11′ or 12′
  • Width 8’10”
  • Door Shock Cord and clips included
  • Double-sided stuff sack included
  • Made to order


  • 11′ 6.5 Oz.
  • 11′ with doors 7.8 Oz.
  • 12′
  • 12′ with doors 8.5 Oz.

*weights do not include any added shock cord, tent stakes, guylines or included double sided stuff sack.*

LoopAlien Dyneema® Continuous Ridgeline Spec.

  • 30.5′ 1.75 mm Zing-It Dyneema Cordage
  • 1 Ti UFA
  • 1 Ti RCA
  • 2 Prussik loops (1.2 mm reflective micro cord)
  • 2 MIL-SPEC tactical toggles
  • Total weight – 28.9 grams
  • NOT designed for load bearing of safety applications. See WARNING below

***WARNING: This Ridgeline kit is NOT designed to support human weight. It must not be used as a life saving device, fall protection, or in ANY manner where failure could cause property damage, injury, or loss of life.***

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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