Choosing The Right Pack

We have two styles and two sizes for you to begin building your pack from. 

The Curve - designed to flow with the natural curve of your back. The bottom and top section are slightly larger in volume so you can store those heavier objects in there to help distribute the weight more evenly. 

The Flat - (still working on a name for this) flat backed... 

Our 30L packs are designed for people that have a very light small load, around 8 to 12 pound base weight.

Dimensions: 11 X 5 X 34 unrolled and 11 X 5 X 30 rolled three times and clipped on the sides

Weight: ranges from 11oz to around 18oz, depending on the material and options you choose.

Our 40L packs are designed for people that have a bit more to carry and their load is slightly heaver, around 12 to 18 pound base weight. 

Dimensions: 12 X 6 X 38 unrolled and 12 X 6 X 5 rolled three times and clipped on the sides. 

Weight: ranges from 15 oz to 26 oz depending on the material and options you choose.

Standard pack features: 

- Wide pack opening

- Roll top closure with two Kam Snaps

- Side buckle attachment for roll top

- Side compression with Cordlocs

- Large stretchy Lycra mesh front pocket

- Flat bottom side pockets with drain (they each fit 1.5 liter smartwater bottles securely) 

Build a pack steps

First, choose the material:

- 5.0oz Hybrid Dyneema Black (our thickest material and weighs the most)

- 2.92oz Hybrid Dyneema in Black, Blue, or Silver (our most popular material because of it’s perfect balance of weight and durability.

- 210D Dyneema Gridstop (ultra-durable material)


Next, choose shoulder strap length:

- Standard 20" length

- Long 23" length (recommended for 40" chest or larger)

Last, choose options:

- Shoulder strap pockets constructed of stretchy Lycra mesh (they fit a large phone or 1L water bottle)

- Bottom pocket constructed of stretchy Lycra mesh (not recommended for our 30L pack as the bottom is very small and hard to fit your hand in)

- Removable top V strap with hidden buckle

- Hip belt: various sizes available

Pack Sizing

All packs are built to your specific torso size. How to measure your torso. First you will need to find your C7 vertebrae, then find your iliac crest/hip shelf. Now measure the distance between them and that's your torso length.