Brand Partners

Founded in 2011 we are a small cottage company dedicated to making some of the lightest and highest quality gear in the world. Our commitment to customer service, quality, and design has made UGQ one of the most respected brands in the ultralight community. Every piece of gear is made by our small team of highly invested individuals providing a level of attention to detail not found in other brands. Whether you need the lightest gear available or a more robust piece of gear for your next adventure you can rest assured the quality will be maintained at all price points.

Ripstop by the Roll was started by DIYers who couldn’t find fabric – at least the fabric we wanted. Instead of settling for what was available, we decided to make it ourselves. 

Decisions, Decisions. While we can’t make the final choice for you, we can make it easy to check out all your options in one place. 

LoopAlien…. Precision Tools Built for Adventure. 100% Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life.

HexCamUSA is owned and operated by two retired USAF TACP, Steve Mangum and Mike Shropshire. With a combined service time of 43 years and 7 months, Steve and Mike spent a lot of time wearing camouflage. HexCam was designed to be functional and fashionable, the 3D pattern and 10 color options suitable for any outdoor activity, from hunting and shooting to hiking and camping. (But also works perfectly for a trip to the mall or watching Netflix on the sofa.) Steve and Mike, two decorated combat-veterans sharing with you their love of camo and the great outdoors – whatever your adventure, bring HexCam along!