John “Turbo Stache” Patrick Brennan

I pride my self with a strong work ethic and attitude to full ass everything in life. Over the last three years I have been on this path of me. Mainly pursuing a vagabond/hikertrash lifestyle. It takes gumption to go after what you truly desire in life. What takes me to this realm of complete bliss, is the act of thru-hiking. I have redefined whom I am while on this strolls through the wilderness. There’s no place I’d rather be.


Appalachian Trail  SOBO  2014/2015 (winter hike)

John Muir Trail 2015

Tahoe Rim and Colorado Trail 2016

Art Loeb Trail 2017

Pacific Crest Trail NOBO 2018

Long Trail SOBO 2018

Florida Trail (FKT Attempt) DNF due to torn anterior  talofibular ligament.

Florida Trail (FKT Attempt) DNF due to stress fractured tibia and torn anterior talofibular ligament


Currently on the agenda: I will be finnishjng my triple crown of thru-hiking on my SOBO hike of the Continental Divide Trail, starting early July. Followed by a later date maybe this year or next when I am strong enough and know my body is ready. My third Florida Trail  FKT attempt.

Melanie “T-Rex” & Michael “RITS” Tilton

Melanie (T-Rex) and Michael (RITS) Tilton are another classic tale of thru-hiking after burn out. They have been married since 2006, worked in many offices and in 2014, decided to make a change from working the hamster wheel to hiking the PCT in 2015. After another PCT hike the following year, the CDT followed in 2017 and the addiction to freedom, awe of nature and physical toil was deep.


In 2018, they hiked the Calendar Triple Crown in 8 months, where they also became one of the first adopters of LiteAF packs, helping them finish up in the winter on the AT. The hiking rarely stops, with big plans and many more miles to come.

Jessika Poppe

Hello ! My name is Jessika Poppe and I am 29 years old.

I am from the east coast of Florida and love getting outside and being active. To date I have competed in numerous Obstacle Course Races all over the world, countless half marathons, one full marathon, and a 50k ultra marathon. I am no stranger to hard work and dedication while making sacrifices to achieve a goal. I have competed in two body building shows and have an AS in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology.

I was not always this driven and suffered from depression and anxiety from failed relationships and deaths in my family. I was the heaviest in my life around the age of 21 and leaned on alcohol as my main coping mechanism. I realized I needed to make a change in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. My goals this year include thru hiking the Appalachian Trail, running as many trail races as I can squeeze in, and tackling a 100k ultra marathon by the end of the year. I aim to thru hike the Florida Trail in 2021, and the AZT.

Hunter Musgrove

I’m Hunter Musgrove, and hiking is how I find myself at peace. Orginally from Lousiana, I grew up with a major outdoor influence from my family. Hunting, fishing, racing dirt-bikes you name it. Ive always had a consistent connection with being outdoor focused. Since a teenager I’ve constantly battled Arthritis/Crohn’s Disease. Hiking has given me clarity of how my body feels and honestly helps with my auto-immune disease more than most other options.


Over the past 3 years I have dove head first into spending as much time as possible on trail. Whether that be in Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, etc I’ve found myself l happiest on trail. Nature photography has brought me closer to creating a perspective for others to enjoy the places and scenery they may never get to experience. Perspective is what I strive to create in my life for others and learn from their own perspectives as well.


My next goal for hiking is to complete the Appalachian Trail this year in 2020 Southbound. Following that up, I strive to push further after my photo/video content so that everyone can see through my eyes. With a heavy focus on Ultralight backpacking, I find myself chasing FKTs. So, who knows what’s after the AT this year. Maybe a handful of FKT attempts will come but I am just happy to keep hiking.

Alex Wnorowski

For too long, my internal success was based solely on work.  In 2016, I heard about this thing; about walking for thousands of miles that takes months to accomplish – the Appalachian Trail.  At that point, I had never really hiked before.  The longest I had camped was a weekend with the Scouts when I was younger.  I knew how to cook, and that was about it.  That next day I spent all day at the bookstore reading about this trail.  I was consumed immediately with this idea of a thru hike.  It completely fell into my general thought process of anything worth doing is worth doing all the way and to my fullest ability.  I knew right then at that bookstore that this is what I was going to go after.


I left that job about two months after having this idea.  I found a couple jobs that allowed me to save up for this hike and a year after stepping away from my career I left to attempt a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I eventually did and since then I’ve teetered between my career and jobs that allow me to take off enough time for some hiking.  In 2019 I also thru hiked the PCT southbound and feel that this is just the beginning to the long-distance hikes for me.  The CDT will be on my short list for next hikes to go after along with a couple other bigger trails!

I couldn’t be more pleased being a part of the LiteAf brand ambassador team.  I believe in what this family run company makes and can honestly say the gear that they make is top quality!  I can’t wait to walk another couple thousand miles wearing my Curve.


See you on trail!


Alex (Creedence) Wnorowski

Carl “Professor” Stanfield

I’m Carl Stanfield, known on trail as Professor. I started really getting into backpacking towards the end of high school and while I was attending school at Brevard College in North Carolina. After school I moved to Leavenworth, Washington, and spent a few summers leading trips around the Cascades. In 2018 I set out to hike the AT and my obsession with thru-hiking began. I went on to complete the PCT in 2019 and now have my sights set on the CDT in 2021. In the mean time, I’ll be managing a store called Alabama Outdoors in Birmingham, Alabama keeping up with all the gear trends. Happy trails everybody!

Dahn Pratt

In the throes of utter despair while working a dead end job in Tokyo, Japan, Dahn schemed of an outlandish hiking adventure to ward off a complete mental breakdown. His day dreaming kept the dreary conditions at bay for awhile, but soon enough imagining was no longer cutting it for the guy who could not seem to sit still. The bucket list was growing ever longer and ambitions. Hardcore outdoor pursuits were in stark contrast to the daily grind of Japanese work culture. Meticulously planning the fantasy was cathartic but one day, in the fall of 2017 something changed. It was no longer good enough to look at lighterpack lists, resupply strategies, maps, and guidebooks. If he wanted to be content, Dahn would have to drastically change his situation. With that initial click, and the plans already intricately laid out ad nauseam, Dahn liquidated everything he owned, gave notice at his job, and uprooted his established life to embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Hiking consecutively for the last two years, Dahn has clocked over 10,000 miles along national scenic trails all over the world. In addition to thru-hiking Te Araroa and the PCT, Dahn has recently created and successfully hiked the 1,250 mile Peace Trail, a first of its kind linkage of three existing long distance trails spanning the length of two countries and dozens of national parks, reserves, and wilderness areas. Most recently Dahn completed his Triple Crown with a southbound CDT hike average approx. 38 miles/day. After reaching Mexico, Dahn continued to South America where he stitched together ambitious treks and circuits as well as some high altitude climbs in Patagonia. With well over 5,000 trail miles on his Curve 35, the pack shows no signs of slowing down and neither does Dahn. 

Todd “Canadian Bacon” Gallagher

Occupation- I’ve been a nurse for 20 years. 13 years in BC Children’s Hospital in the ICU, and the last 7 in Comox BC in an adult ICU.

Outdoor experience – I’ve been an avid outdoorsman for over 40 years and have spent most of my spare time in nature. I played hockey (I’m Canadian, duh) and started skating at 17 months old. I’ve been a runner my whole life and  progressed from short distances to ultra marathons about 15 years ago. I’ve run 12 ultramarathon. I have done extensive canoe trips in Quetico/boundary waters and Algonquin park as well as Northern BC. Hiking is something I’ve been doing the longest and is by far my favourite pastime.

Trails I’ve hiked – Casques Isles trail (50km), Superior Hiking Trail (310 miles), Pukaskwa Costal Trail yo-yo (120km), West Coast Trail (80km), Juan de Fuca Trail, (55km), Sunshine Coast Trail (180km), Section hikes of the Bruce Trail to name a few. For the past few years I’ve been trying to hike as many trail on Vancouver Island as I can but have barely scratched the surface. I adopted the Ultralight philosophy/ethos 4 years ago and it has been a game changer.

Future Plans – I will eventually hike all the long trails AT, CDT, PCT, GDT and the Vancouver Island Spine Trail. I would really like to do the Great Western Loop some day. I will also attempt a thru hike style FKT attempt of the Sunshine Coast Trail in 2019.