Alex Wnorowski

Over the last couple years, my world has completely changed. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned that what I do for a living does not define me as a person.

By trade, I’m a cook – and very proud of it. Some of my best life lessons have been learned in the kitchen. For too long, I measured my success by the prestige and allure of where I worked. I  felt disillusioned and asked myself why I was cooking and the purpose of the life I was living. I couldn’t justify it to myself anymore, so I turned in my notice. I hiked the Appalachian Trail and it changed my life. I felt that I had unfinished business so I went back to the same kitchen I left, and felt an even greater unhappiness than I did the first time. I left for the last time and have been working on a personal project ever since!

I’m headed south on the PCT and then who knows? The Mountains to Sea Trail, Te Araroa Trail, and the Hayduke Trail, and the North Country Trail all have my curiosity.

I’ll see you out there!

Carl “Professor” Stanfield

I’m Carl “Professor” Stanfield and I love backpacking, especially long distance trips. I graduated from Brevard College in North Carolina with a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education in 2015 and have been trying to use that degree as much as possible ever since. I spent about 3 years working at a camp in Washington and got to lead quite a few trips while I was there, but backpacking really became my life when I set out to hike the AT in 2018. I loved the thru-hiking experience and decided to dedicate at least the next few years to continue my education of the world by means of thru-hiking. The PCT is my jam for summer 2019 with more thru-hikes soon to follow. I’m a writer for the backpacking community site The Trek, and I’m also trying to add more purpose to my thru-hikes by hiking to raise money for Hike for Mental Health. I’m always open to questions so please feel free to ask!

Dahn Pratt

In the throes of utter despair while working a dead end job in Tokyo, Japan, Dahn schemed of an outlandish hiking adventure to ward off a complete mental breakdown. His day dreaming kept the dreary conditions at bay for awhile, but soon enough imagining was no longer cutting it for the guy who could not seem to sit still. The bucket list was growing ever longer and ambitions of hardcore outdoor pursuits were in stark contrast to the daily grind of Japanese work culture. Meticulously planning the fantasy was cathartic but one day, in the fall of 2017 something changed. It was no longer good enough to look at lighterpack lists, resupply strategies, maps, and guidebooks. If he wanted to be content, Dahn would have to drastically change his situation. With that initial click, and the plans already intricately laid out ad nauseam, Dahn liquidated everything he owned, gave notice at his job, and uprooted his established life to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Hiking consecutively for the last two years, Dahn is on a mission to walk 10,000 miles along national scenic trails all over the world. In addition to thru-hiking Te Araroa and the PCT, Dahn has recently created and successfully hiked the 1,250 mile Peace Trail, a first of its kind linkage of three existing long distance trails spanning the length of two countries and dozens of national parks, reserves, and wilderness areas. You can follow his misanthropic adventures on Instagram.

Todd Gallagher

Occupation- I’ve been a nurse for 20 years. 13 years in BC Children’s Hospital in the ICU, and the last 7 in Comox BC in an adult ICU.

Outdoor experience – I’ve been an avid outdoorsman for over 40 years and have spent most of my spare time in nature. I played hockey (I’m Canadian, duh) and started skating at 17 months old. I’ve been a runner my whole life and  progressed from short distances to ultra marathons about 15 years ago. I’ve run 12 ultramarathon. I have done extensive canoe trips in Quetico/boundary waters and Algonquin park as well as Northern BC. Hiking is something I’ve been doing the longest and is by far my favourite pastime.

Trails I’ve hiked – Casques Isles trail (50km), Superior Hiking Trail (310 miles), Pukaskwa Costal Trail yo-yo (120km), West Coast Trail (80km), Juan de Fuca Trail, (55km), Sunshine Coast Trail (180km), Section hikes of the Bruce Trail to name a few. For the past few years I’ve been trying to hike as many trail on Vancouver Island as I can but have barely scratched the surface. I adopted the Ultralight philosophy/ethos 4 years ago and it has been a game changer.

Future Plans – I will eventually hike all the long trails AT, CDT, PCT, GDT and the Vancouver Island Spine Trail. I would really like to do the Great Western Loop some day. I will also attempt a thru hike style FKT attempt of the Sunshine Coast Trail in 2019.